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Way back in the late fourties Mr Syd Cawte recognised the need for a top quality Ag-Lime to treat the growing soil acidity problem in our high rainfall and heavily irrigated area’s here in South Australia. The Murray Bridge district seems to have a quite different Limestone to many others as it is very absorbent like clay, but remains quite hard whilst still in a 1.5mm plus ‘chip’.

Cawte’s Ag-lime with a particle size of minus 1mm and calcium content of approx 31.9% ( most acceptable to stock feeds) combined with this unique absorption has proven most successful in all soil conditions as it seems to dissolve quickly, allowing particles to combat built up acids and adjust the soil pH levels back to Neutral.

As a larger particle this natural (SUPASORB) product becomes most acceptable to the absorbent market with a wide range of uses such as Industrial Oil Absorbent - Cat Litter - Garage Floor Cleaning, etc. It is a very safe and easy to use product with many advantages over other products such as non sticking to shoes etc and does not break down to powder when under pressure.

Cawte Industries introduced this product to the market under the name of SUPASORB.  SUPASORB PLUS is in the infant stages and will have added advantages. Both products have been sold and proven over many years under many different brand names.

Neville and Julie Cawte hope this brief information will be of assistance and beneficial to you.

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Hoping this brief information is of assistance to you when selecting the right soil conditioner for your soils.

SupasorbChemical Analysis  

This Product is Made Up Of: - Bakara limestone
Particle Size Range: - 6mm +/-1mm – Chips
Composition: - Ca. Fe203 Na2 A1203 K20 MgO
........................31.2 0.81 0.21 2.10 0.36 2.44
Odour: - None
Colour: - Mainly White – Cream


Typical Lime Chemical Analysis  

Calcium 31.9% ( 78% as Carbonate)   

Magnesium 2.2%  (7.7%      "      )   

Iron Oxide     .52%

Neutralising Value  87%   

ENV ( effective neutralizing value) 69% 

This is the most important analysis

Lime Particle Size

00.000mm– 0.125mm           52.4% 

0.125mm –0.250mm             12.1%

0.250mm-0.500mm               11.8%

0.500mm-1.000mm               16.6%

1.000mm -  +                         7.07%