is our flagship product and can be purchased in individual bags or in bulk to resellers. Our product Supasorb is commonly used for:

  • All Purpose Oil and Liquid Absorbent
  • Cat Litter
  • BBQ Drip Tray Absorbent
  • Calcium Suppliment For Poultry

For quotes on bulk supply on Supasorb please contact us for more information

Cawte's Lime

is another product sold individually or in bulk and is used for

  • Top Dressing Pastures
  • Garden Beds
  • Animal Health & Nutrition
  • Stock Feed

Finely ground limestone is proven to help cattle, sheep, pigs horses & poultry please see data sheets page for more information

Garden Lime

Our garden lime product is great for gardens and helps

  • Raise Soil PH Levels
  • Increase Soil Levels of Calcium
  • Encourages Earthworm Activity

This product can also be produced in large quantities for Nurseries, Resellers and Farming.

Bulk Supplies

Cawte industries can supply any of their lime products in bulk. Our clients consist of retail outlets around Australia, Farmers and major industry.